Individual World Poetry Slam 2018 Finals

Individual World Poetry Slam 2018 Finals

San Diego, CA and Poetry Slam Inc. (PSi) present the 2018 Individual World Poetry Slam! The Individual World Poetry Slam is a four day poetry slam festival created by PSi giving poets the opportunity to compete outside of a team competition for the title of the Individual World Poetry Slam Champion. The event will bring world acclaimed feature performers, poetry and performance workshops, specialty slams, open mics, and events for all ages to San Diego, CA.

The contenders will hail from every major North American city including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Vancouver, as well as countries around the world such as Australia, France and Germany. Participants will compete in two days of preliminary competitions, culminating in a final clash of the top twelve on the final stage.
Proceeds from purchasing this video go to Mojdeh Stoakley who is still down nearly $8k as Host City Coordinator of the 2018 National Poetry Slam in Chicago IL. Mojdeh ensured poets from all over the world enjoyed the quality tournament they deserve. This is us saying thank you and helping to repay them for their service.

This money does not go through Poetry Slam Inc; it is handled 100% by SlamFindTV and will go direct from us to Mojdeh Stoakley. There is a pay-what-you-want slider on the video order form. Be as generous as you can

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Individual World Poetry Slam 2018 Finals

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